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You've found the fledgling page for the soon-to-form "The Phoenix Faction" - an EU Elyos Legion.

When we get there, we have a view towards end game content - both PvP & PvE - but not at the cost of overall enjoyment and real life commitments. In-short; Raiding & Mass PvP will be organised at regular times but it won't be hardcore.

Currently resident on the Castor Server.

We have a forum, events calendar, DKP system (yet to be implimented) and a hosted Vent platform.

Ideally we're looking for mature members (18+) but have no strict rules on this yet and while we're more than happy to help, we expect our members to have the motivation and the will to find out most things on their own. Previous raid and/or PvP experience would be beneficial but not essential.

Make an application and contact me [Kesla, Lahnya, Rire, Faile] in game if you like what you hear and want to join the ranks!


n1ghtshaded, Sep 30, 09 11:29 AM.
Please welcome our newest member Oxazepam.

The Phoenix Faction Has a New Address!

System, Sep 23, 09 4:32 PM.
The Phoenix Faction has been upgraded to include a custom domain, and can now be reached directly by going to Please note that there is no WWW in front of the address!

Thank you for choosing GuildPortal as your guild''s home on the web!


n1ghtshaded, Sep 20, 09 6:57 AM.
8 hours to go :)

The Phoenix Faction makes it's home.

KeslaTarn, Sep 18, 09 3:47 PM.
After finally getting in, we've settled on the Castor server.


KeslaTarn, Sep 16, 09 12:05 PM.
Now we get to the news we've been waiting for!

Provided you've got your pre-order sorted, this is where the game begins.

Servers open at 8:00pm (BST) so make sure you're on the ready line. Expect some "issues" though, I dare say the auth' servers'll be hammered as soon as the clock ticks over.
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